Saturday, August 22, 2015

Visiting Millers

we've made the trip to delaware two times this summer, and it sure was nice to see our family, but that trip is a tough one. especially so close together. so, we were super pumped when uncle josh, aunt colleen, lilah and ady made the trip down to see us a couple weeks ago. we know how hard that car ride can be on little ones and we sure are grateful that they were able to come down.
this little hot mess was waiting for me when i got home on thursday after work!
and it seems like she was very thirsty when we went to dinner.
which kids had been up at 1am and in the car all day? betcha you can pick them out!
one thing we really love about being with family is that we don't have to do anything fancy. we just like to hang out with each other. a little disney channel on the big bed, and they are happy!
or a little disney channel on the small phone...ady will even sit with uncle toby for that one!

we don't need a big pool...we will just play in our baby pool in the backyard!
and take a golf cart ride to feed the ducks.

then head to the park.
the boys did want to do something a little more risky though. they headed above the island for a helicopter ride.

us ladies will keep our feet on the ground, thankyouverymuch!
time for some backyard wrestling, i guess.
 that's s'more like it.

on sunday, grandpa and grandma came to visit and we remembered to get a picture before they left.
thank you guys for coming all the way to sc to see us, we sure did enjoy our visit!

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