Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bye Bye Boat

for the last few years, we have not been using the boat like we wanted to. even with it being at a marina all summer and just having to make a call to put it in the water, we just weren't taking advantage of it. the kids are getting older and busier, and we are on the go a lot more often. so, we decided to sell the boat. toby had it tuned up and we worked really hard to get it clean. we had it looking really shiny and new and toby listed it to sell on a saturday night around 9:30. by 2pm the very next day, it was sold and gone.

and then we had a moment or two of seller's remorse. we do get kinda sad thinking that we don't have it anymore, but when i think about how much work it was, and how much money we are saving in payments, storage and insurance, i don't feel bad anymore.

the kids wanted to go out one more time, but we had let someone borrow our lifejackets and it ended up selling too quickly.

maybe someday we will be able to get another one...bye bye boat!



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