Saturday, August 8, 2015

Unplanned Trip

on july 21, toby got a phone call from his sister letting him know that there had been a family tragedy. his cousin, jennifer, had been killed. so, of course, we packed up and headed up to delaware to be with his family and try to help out in any way we could.

how much easier can it get for these kids? we drive and they get their own personal movie theater in the back!

the first full day there, we all piled in the car to go hang out with toby's family and uncle pete (jennifer's dad) at their beach trailer.

and we left them all there! we were happy to have a night to ourselves...that rarely happens. so, we took a quick trip down memory lane. and yes, we started at wawa. no wawas in the south. such a tragedy.

this townhouse with the light on is the first home that we shared together. my friend, lori, owned it and after she moved out, toby moved in with me. we brought our duke dog home there and i have such fond memories of it. one thing i really remember was sitting in that front living room and crying while watching tv all afternoon on 9/11/01.

then, we drove by the bar where we had our first "date". except, back then, it was named Porky's. so classy, i know! basically, mike and missi set us up and we all went out that night and have been inseparable ever since.

then, we headed down main street in newark. i think it is so pretty at night with all the restaurants lit up. we parked and walked up and down both sides of the street. we even stopped at Margarita's Pizza shop and had a slice.

we took the kids to a candlelight vigil that jen's friends organized at her home. i thought that it was super sweet when roman signed the picture of jen. he wrote, "i love you jen, love roman". he has the biggest heart.

this was such a sweet way to remember jen and we got to see a lot of her friends. that was nice because we only got to see her at christmas time each year and we were both happy to know that she lived life to the fullest and was very loved.

a little fun back at mimi's house.

this was a pictured posted at jen's funeral.

we saw a resemblence in that you?

RIP Jennifer Fertig. You are loved.


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