Saturday, August 29, 2015

Second Grade

way back in the olden days when i was in school, we didn't start until after labor day. but, these days, here in the good ol' south, we start in the middle of august! what a bummer!
again this year, roman has a brand new teacher. she is brand new to the school, but has been teaching for a while. her name is mrs. brock.
they had an open house the day before the first day, so toby took ro in to meet his teacher and drop off his supplies. he also got this really neat stack of books to bring home and have mom cover for him. seriously, how is he old enough to have this many books? on another note, his reputation must preceed him since his desk is right up front, center spot!

this boy is growing way too fast, right?

of course, we have to have little sister in the picture too.

and then, she wanted to hold the sign by herself, but he couldn't resist photobombing. hilarious!

i'm a lucky momma since i got to take him on his first day. he sits next to his good friend, logan and they were having fun getting settled.


looking so studious

i must be in denial about how fast he is growing up. i just refuse to believe it. i can't believe i have a second grader.

roman, i pray that you have a wonderful year in second grade, that you learn a lot, are kind to others are let God use you to do great things.


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