Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treat!!

halloween snuck up on us this year. october has been so busy and all of a sudden, it was just here. this year, roman was a magician and gianna was sofia the first. pretty cute and handsome, right?

of course, we didn't carve our pumpkins, but at the last minute (the night before), we decided to paint them.

they looked pretty cute, i think. and they won't rot as quickly as if we had carved them.

roman's school had a parade and a party after. such fun. this group of kids are so fun to hang out with!

making his way down the hall in the parade...

roman and archer had a little friendly competition at the party (they were blowing small eyeball candies with air through a straw).

we are ready to go beg for candy!

making their way around the neighborhood...

my kids will take candy from anyone...dead or alive!

back at our house, waiting for some trick or treaters

we got a visit from two very cute elsas. they have come for a visit the last few halloweens and we look forward to it each year!

candy break!

hope your halloween was sweet!!


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