Tuesday, November 11, 2014


happy birthday to my babaloo!


  • you are the most beautiful girl a momma could ask for, inside and out.
  • you have a bit of a sassy side to you. your poppa always says you are sweet and sour. you can be sassy and sour one second and the next you are are sweet and cuddly.
  • you have a fantastic vocabulary and you use it quite often (that means you talk a LOT!)
  • some of my favorite things you say: beserve (deserve), fear head (forehead), "oh, i'm getting old!" (as you struggle to get up, i think you hear momma say that a lot), "you okay, sweetie?" (i think you hear that a lot at school), the bonky jars (the monkey bars)
  • your so tiny and petite, but have the most hair of any 3 year old i've seen. when it's wet, it goes all the way down your back, but those curls spring right back up when it dries.
  • you HATE it when someone raises their voice at you. you just melt into a little puddle. most of the time, momma and poppa are just trying to warn you not to hurt yourself, but that doesn't matter, you get all weepy just the same.
  • you give really good hugs. even your teachers say so. you are loved by so many people.
  • i'm not sure what to do with all of your friends, i just can't keep up. you are super friendly and move from best friend to best friend day to day.
  • your smile is so funny right now, your eyes get all squinty and your mouth moves to the side, it really is super cute!
  • i asked you a few questions last night, so here are your answers...
  1. What is your favorite color? Pink
  2. What is your favorite food? Cake!
  3. What is your favorite movie? The Grinch. And Chipmunks. (we watched them both 2x this weekend)
  4. What is your favorite toy? Sofia
  5. What is your favorite animal? Fish (???)
  6. What is your favorite fruit? Blueberries
  7. Who is your best friend? You (heart melts)

we are so incredibly blessed to have gianna heather colella in our lives. she brightens every day with her smile and beauty. happy birthday g!!!!



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