Monday, November 10, 2014

Princess Party

my baby is almost 3! and, as much as i want to deny it, she is growing up. she has her own opinions and thoughts and i love it. she also has some really sweet friends. so, we decided that she should have a princess party. she invited 2 school friends, lucy and emma, and 2 church/SGG friends, gracie and clare. all of these sweet little girls, have very close birthdays. lucy's is actually in october, but emma and clare share a birthday on november 10th and gracie and gianna share a birthday on november 11th. i have a feeling we will be partying with these girls for many years to come!

right now, gianna is into all things girly, glittery and frilly. princesses, fairies, whatever. so, we asked each girl to wear a princess dress if they wanted to.

getting ready for the party....

to be completely honest, we had a tea party first, but the girls were still in the shy/cranky phase, so all the pictures were ridiculous.

this is from a much happier time. cake time!

thank goodness for pinterest, people. it gives me great ideas. and this was a really easy cake to make. love that!

gianna really liked having everyone sing to her. she watched this video no less than 5 times right before bed!

the girls played a little "stick the amulet on sofia" and surprisingly, they ALL put it on the right spot. we think they couldsee below the eyemask, but at one point, gianna did it with my hands over her eyes, and i was NOT letting her see, so i think they did great!

her friends brought her some really sweet gifts!


i wish i had gotten a picture of all of them together before they left, but i waited too long. boo!

oh well, a photo op with both sofias will have to do!

gianna was very tired from all the princessing, so right after dinner we went upstairs to get into jammies. and she opened all of her gifts. here she is wearing some princess shoes, playing with a new tea set, with her new elsa wand and sofia toys nearby. i really enjoyed this time with her. so sweet to see her in her room, playing nicely.

so grateful for this girl and every minute of her "almost" 3 years with us!

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