Friday, November 14, 2014


these are not at all related, but are too good not to share...

yes, he is wearing a winter hat and a play horse. in a size 2T.

this is her "i'm so happy to have pizza for dinner" face.

One afternoon, roman and I were excited to surprise gianna with some new bedding. her response was underwhelming.



but, it's super cute, though! she's been sleeping on a flat sheet with a blankie for quite some time now. it was part of her birthday present, but overdue for sure.

i'm not sure that is how it is supposed to fit, but hey, i don't think the minions have rules like that.

toby noticed that they were holding hands while watching a movie, all snuggled up. too cute.

christmas jammies already! and silly faces always!

mom, you are embarassing me!

painting party for emma's birthday!

sweet friends

look at my baby all the way down there all by herself. such a sweet smile.

i'm happiest when my babies pile on me to have some sunday morning snuggles.

our friend, baby Adeline, came to visit. isn't she sweet?

roman LOVED holding her. he kept saying how cute and sweet she is.


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