Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wheelin' and Dealin'

last week was a crazy whirlwind of activity around here.
on wednesday, my van went in for ac problems, but it never came out. instead, i have a brand new accord. i'm 37 and this is my first brand new car. i feel so spoiled. and maybe a little bit like i may have gotten some of my cool factor back. (okay, i said just a little bit)

on sunday, we headed up to charleston to pick up a couple of pieces of furniture that i had found on craigslist.

lunch with these kiddos was a nice break in between our pick ups.

one of the things i bought on craigslist was a bed for gianna. this particular bed was one that i had been keeping my eye on for a while. it is regularly from ikea, but we don't have one close and shipping is super expensive. it is a twin daybed, that has 3 drawers on the bottom. but the bottom section pulls out and you can put a mattress on top of it that lays next to the other mattress and it makes a king size bed, but you still have use of the drawers. the two mattress are stacked on top of each other when it is pushed closed into a twin, so you don't have to find a place to store the extra mattress.

so, the bed was listed on john's island (charleston) and it included the mattresses for less than the cost of the bed on ikea. so, even though i wasn't quite ready to put her in a "big girl" bed yet, the time was right to get the deal!

needless to say, she loves it! and roman can get in it too, which is a bonus because i was always yelling at him to get out of her toddler bed because i was afraid the springs wouldn't hold him!

the other deal we got on craigslist was a new porch swing! i've been wanting one for a while and when we got the new adirondack chairs, i found a guy that would make a swing in the same style as the chairs we purchased. and he was kind enough to hurry and finish the swing so that we could pick it up on the same day as the bed!
toby hung it up quickly and we have enjoyed it a lot this last week, including sitting out there in the middle of a thunderstorm with our friends this friday night.

i asked the guy to put cupholders in it decision ever!

and the kiddos enjoyed dinner on it one night...

also, aunt hettie had a yard sale last saturday and roman got their ripstick. it is a two-wheeled skateboard, which I think looks super hard to ride. but, look who had mastered it by tuesday! is there anything he can't do? he amazes me!


so, there ya go...last week we were full of new wheels and new deals!


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