Friday, July 18, 2014

Porch Prettying

okay, so i will admit it. i hate the rocking chairs that we've had on our front porch for 7 years. yes, the entire 7 years that we've lived here, i've hated them. not they way they look, they are gorgeous. but, for a short stack like me, they are SO stinkin' uncomfortable. my feet don't touch the ground, the backs are awful and they don't rock well. so, they need to go! target had a two pack of club motion chairs on clearance, so i bought them. but, they were in a box and they didn't have a floor sample for me to sit on and test out, so of course, after toby put them together, we both decided we didn't like them either. so, at this point, i had 4 chairs on my front porch that i didn't like. so, what did we do? we went shopping for new ones. i truly wanted a glider. i just want to be comfortable so i will spend more time out there. i don't really care what they look like.

after church on sunday, we took the kids to savannah and shopped around. i mean, there had to be something different down there, right?

we ended up in world market (even though there is one in bluffton, too) and the kids were pre-occupied with hanging around in the egg chair.

and subsequently, using the egg chair cushion to fashion himself into a "fun guy"...get it? a mushroom...fungi?

well, we ended up with two of these beauties. and the foot rests. and a small table to go in between. the really are nice looking. and they are smaller than your average adirondack chairs. and because they are low to the ground, shorty can reach....haha. AND....i have already contacted a guy to make us an adirondack porch swing with cupholders....booo ya! i want to use our porch and have it be pretty too. i deserve that after 7 years, right?

toby was quick to get one put together on sunday evening and i took advantage of it. i had quite the view of our sweet g, coloring on the sidewalk and blowing bubbles. now, THIS is what i'm talking about. will someone bring me a sweet tea?





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