Friday, July 11, 2014

3 Hour Tour (supposed to be)

on saturday, we headed out on the boat with our friends, sherri and greg for a little cruise. on the way to the dock, we saw the barge with the fireworks from the night before still on the deck...

we saw this really friendly dolphin. it was hanging out near us, hoping for some food. it hangs out in the path of a couple of dolphin tour boats, so we think that it gets fed so that they can guarantee dolphin sightings. of course, we didn't have any fish to feed it, and you really aren't supposed to anyway. so, it would swim over to another boat and see what they had for it. and then back to us...



we docked at freeport marina at daufuskie island and had a snack and some drinks at an open air bar, near this cool metal bull. of course, there was no bull sitting allowed.

once we got back on the boat, we noticed some dark clouds hanging out back near hilton head, so we tried to avoid them and move around them, but it didn't work.

we were really lucky that we were close to this dock and docked the boat as quickly as possible and took cover under this pavilion for about 45 minutes. we heard a bunch of thunder and toby saw some lightning, so we were lucky to be out of the water...whew!

of course, we were soaked, but we made the most of our time waiting out the storm.

meanwhile, back in bluffton, the kids were safe with aunt hettie, having fun at the pool with rylee. i am so glad that they weren't with us for that little adventure!


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