Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Celebrating our Freedom

we got in the spirit of the holiday and put a little star in gianna's hair!

roman helped and loved pointing out his handiwork.

to celebrate the holiday, we had aj, holly and the boys over for some slip and slide action and a cookout before lighting some fireworks and sparklers. someday, maybe we will go see the real fireworks, but for now the kids are happy with this plan and we don't want the hassle of fighting the traffic and keeping the kids out too late.




i'm not really sure that gianna was in motion in this picture, but, that girl had no fear. she was running and jumping right on and then hopping right back up to do it again.



of course, there was some Colella 2 on 2!

and the youngest ones patrolled the party...

we had some little fireworks that were fun to watch...


and the boys got to light up some sparklers!


our neighbor had some pretty legit fireworks too. see, we really didn't have to go anywhere to have a good time!



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