Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Little Giver

i'm not sure i'll ever get used to how giving my little man is. his heart is so full of kindness, it just makes me all warm inside.

last year, he donated his bookbag to a young boy at aunt hettie's school.  and he filled it up with lots of goodies too.  this year, we asked aunt hettie again if there was anyone we could help out.  so, she picked a brother and sister that are less fortunate than we are.  roman and i went out on sunday and bought them a few things that they need and wanted.  it just so happened to coincide with the week that roman brought home "greg the service dog" from school.  a nice little coincidence, i think. 

the boy is in the 5th grade, and looking up to the boys in high school, so we got him a bluffton bobcats sweatshirt and hat.  
and we hit up walmart for lots of other goodies too. 
we filled these bookbags with necessities and a couple of fun things too. 
and, we filled a couple baskets with some snacks too.  yummo!
aunt hettie sent me a video of the kids receiving their gifts and it was AMAZING! 
they were excited and grateful.  of course, i got all teary-eyed watching it.  so wonderful.

also, toby was out of town for a couple of nights this week and so, it was the perfect time to work on roman's gift that he wanted to make for his poppa.  he mentioned to me that he wanted to make a Christmas tree from a pinecone (i actually found out that he got the idea from a Christmas book we were reading).  so, we got the biggest pinecone we could find.  and he painted it green.
and the next night, we decorated it with "ornaments"
and wrapped it up with a note that said
"dear poppa, open this present early and enjoy the Christmas spirit"
and put it under the tree for poppa!
 he told me "i can't wait for him to open it so i can see the look on his face".
if that isn't the true spirit of Christmas, well, then, i really don't know what is.   

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

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