Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas in Delaware (Part 2 - Pruitt Family)

next up was our Christmas celebration with mimi, popo, aunt maddy. aunt hettie, uncle mac, macee and rylee were there too. what a sweet time to spend with family.

the girls have an annual tradition of getting their nails done on Christmas Eve and I thought gianna was old enough to try it this year. well, we got to the chair, but that's all. she didn't want to hand over those precious fingernails to the nice lady. oh well, there's always next year!
while toby and i took roman to church on Christmas Eve, the other kids got to decorate some gingerbread men
and then santa rang the doorbell and left one present for each kid.......so exciting!
roman got legos!
gianna got a little people travel nativity set
mimi found some santa jammie pants and toby tricked mac into putting them on. so, this happened.
no, you can't ever un-see this

you're welcome!
the ugly sweater club

with the kids safely tucked into bed, we anxiously awaited the arrival of santa on Christmas morning. when we all awoke the next morning, we saw that santa had read roman's note and eaten all the cookies and drank the milk too!

santa must have had lots of help bringing all these presents inside!
gianna was the first kiddo awake and she had a good time scoping it all out while the others were slowly making their way to the tree.

finally...present time!
what did santa bring roman?

and what did gianna get from the big man?
one of roman's favorites was a big red diamond...something he has been wanting for a while now.
and gianna got her very own "scuff" so she doesn't have to borrow momma's scarf
mimi sure does spoil her grandbabies! look at all these presents...

roman is loving his new iPad mini
macee got a new camera and was practicing on the kids...
aren't these great pics?

gianna got a little bit of cuddle time in with mimi before we left on Christmas afternoon.
even though we brought the stomach bug up and infected 95% of our family members, we still had a great time and loved every minute at mimi's house! thank you, mimi, popo and aunt maddy for all the fun, food and family time. we love you SO very much!

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