Friday, December 13, 2013

Bluffton Christmas Parade

the bluffton Christmas parade never fails to entertain us!

last saturday morning, we headed to downtown bluffton to see the sights.  i must say, this is a favorite tradition of mine.  for some reason, i didn't go last year and i missed it.  good times!

i love a good high school band...and part of me wants roman to be in a marching band, just to see him all handsome in the uniform.  maybe he wants to as well, since last night he told me that he wants to be a marching band leader.   i asked him which instrument he wants to play.  he said "none, i just want to be their leader"  haha, that kid cracks me up!
these two goofballs are like two peas in a pod!
who else has a giant peanut and a green inflatable person dancing to "what the fox say?" in their parade?
gianna was making sure that she got a nice view...she wouldn't let rylee put her down!
and this "santa" clearly was feeling the egg nog... 
front row seats!

and last, but not least....SANTA!!


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