Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas in Delaware (Part 1 - Colella Family)

our trip up to delaware started out with a sick little girl on the car ride. not fun. for anyone.

roman was able to fit a quick nap in too. my kids are awesome in the car. i mean, 10+ hours in a vehicle is a long time. thank goodness for DVD players, right? God bless our parents who didn't have them around back when we were growing up!
our first Christmas celebration was with poppop, kelli and aunt alex
lego chima...oh yeah, baby!
gianna loves ripping into presents

how pretty is aunt alex?

gianna got a sofia the first doll, shoes, dress and more!
and then, for some reason, there was an impromptu push-up contest




if you were wondering, roman won...

toby got stuck on the kids couch (appropriately enough)

gianna got a "ride" on aunt hettie's legs

and then rylee wanted one too
of course, roman and poppop were goofing off in the dining room together.


those two are something else!

thanks poppop, kelli and aunt alex for the good food, awesome presents and the great time we had with you!


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