Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Happenings

halloween came a little early around here.  we were invited to reese's birthday party last saturday night.  and the kids were invited to wear their costumes...super exciting!

okay, well, maybe not.
she doesn't seem too happy, huh?  it really wasn't about the costume, but more about the camera.  i wanted decent pictures, so i got out the real camera.  and it has a strap that goes around my neck.  well, apparently, minnie mouse wanted to wear the camera necklace.
this was the only way we could get her to smile.  if i got in the picture with her and ro.  
...and she's trying to come around and get the camera necklace. 
ro went as a football player.  an eagles player.  
ready to throw a perfect spiral.
and little miss boo hoo. 
this was a "staged" run. he was like, "momma, take a picture of me running" and then proceed to slow motion it around the yard.  too funny.

then, on tuesday night, we finally got around to decorating our pumpkins.  

gianna went the safe route and painted hers. 
roman was really excited to carve his, but really he wanted to get the seeds out. 
adding in a new color.
okay, we've got a few seeds.  time to start our very own pumpkin patch.  
getting a little messy over here. 
it is carved...time to light it up!
our family of pumpkins is complete.  roman's scary jack, poppa didn't want to carve his, so roman told me what to paint (triangle eyes, then a very detailed nose with a very detailed mustache and then 3 fangs).  gianna's pretty painted one and my owl.

and finally, thursday night was halloween.  trick or treat time!

roman decided he would be michaelangelo the teenage mutant ninja turtle.  i didn't even have to ask him to smile for the camera.  nice!
as you can see, minnie had to be bribed with some pre-trick or treat candy to sit pretty for a picture. 
they were ready to hit up the neighbors for some candy for momma and poppa their stash. 
our neighbor greg greeted them with a handful of candy and a really nifty pink windsuit.  gianna was not super excited to go to the door...
...until she realized that mr. greg had candy in that bowl!
this is a really blurry picture (sorry!), but it shows how sweet my little boy is.  he is always helping little sis.  he did this at every house.  he helped her up and down the stairs and down the sidewalk.  my heart just melts.  
one of our neighbors had this really cool charlie brown yard sign.  a cute backdrop for my little candy grabbers. 
hmmm, do you think she wants to be exactly like big brother or what?
finally, back to the house to finish handing out our candy to the late trick or treaters.  our friends mady and ella came by to help for a while.  they are moving closer to us soon and i hope they trick or treat together for years to come.  love those sweet little girls. 
crazy cuties!
finally, it was time to count the loot.  roman counted 113 pieces of candy!  he made out pretty good, i think.  i hope it lasts through the weekend. ;)
he was allowed to eat one more piece before bed.  whoppers for the win!

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