Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Time!

on monday, roman's class had a Thanksgiving program and feast.  i was SO happy to be able to go to the program.  truly, watching the little kids perform their parts and be so proud of themselves warms my heart.  i was all teary eyed most of the time.  the other parts, i was laughing.  
do you spy our little turkey?

this little performance at the end made me so happy.  roman was the K in THANKS. 
toby told him "wow, that is really awesome that you got picked to read for the letter K".  
roman said "i didn't get picked"
toby "well, what happened"
roman said "they asked for volunteers, but i was just raising my hand to go the bathroom and i ended up with the letter K"
oh goodness...

 so thankful for this little turkey that made me a momma. 

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