Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gianna turns 2!!!!

i can hardly believe that 2 years has gone by.  i feel like it was yesterday that i was headed to the hospital in the middle of the night, so excited to have this baby and so anxious to finally find out whether it was a boy or girl.  so completely shocked that she was a girl.  still. so. shocked.  is that weird?  2 years later?  well, weird or not, i am.  but, gianna has brought our family nothing but joy and laughter and warmth and crazy.  super crazy.  but, we wouldn't have it any other way.  

  • she weighs 24 lbs. (16%)
  • she is 33 inches tall (42%)
  • she will eat or try to eat almost anything.  her favorites are pizza and yogurt.  she wakes up each morning asking for a peanut butter "scare" (square)
  • she likes to dress-up...especially shoes. put a twirly dress or a tutu on her and she is rocking those hips.
  • she loves to read at night and once you read a book a few times, she can usually follow right along with you.
  • she speaks in complete sentences.  she's been doing it for a couple months now.  i'm amazed. 
  • she loves to spin around.  every time i'm holding her, she wants to spin. 
  • she loves to watch disney junior.  right now, her favorite is sofia the first. 
  • her hair is super long, but you can't tell because it is crazy curly!  it shrinks right up to her neck. 
  • roman is still as enamored with her as he was the day she was born.  and she loves him right back.  those two will be so fun to watch grow together.  i'm excited for that.  

 she went for her 2 year checkup on wednesday and she is "a perfect 2 year old" according to the doctor.  she is on the small side, only 42% for height and 16% for height.  but, our petite little lady sure makes up for her small size in big personality. 
 she just had to wear her new boots!
 and...i'm happy to announce...her very first time on her new potty produced a little tinkle!!!  she was so proud of herself and so am i!  keep it up little girl...diapers are expensive!

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