Sunday, October 27, 2013

Holiday Farms

we may live close, but we sure don't get to see our family as much as we'd like since everyone is SO busy all the time, so we planned a trip to holiday farms in ridgeland, sc with holly, aj, chase and gage.  since gianna and chase were out of school on friday, we picked roman up right after he was finished and headed up there.  we got there around 3:45, so the kids had some time to play around before we took the hay ride to pick our pumpkins. 

we tried to get the obligatory kids and pumpkins shot, but as you can see, there is always one that won't cooperate.  and her name rhymes with brianna. 

time to hit up the field maze.  it was kinda skimpy on the field, heavy on the maze.  but the kids thought it was great. 
chase and roman stick together like glue and gianna just wants to be with the big kids. 
after the maze, the boys got to bouncing.  
gianna tried to get in, but hated it, so she just ended up jumping on the entrance part.  

there were these really cool horse swings made from tires.  gianna wouldn't get on one, but gage took a turn. 
the big boys played a little cornhole while the littles took a turn on the swings.  

look at my sweet little pumpkin face.  
...and my precious pumpkin pie...
roman had to get in chase's picture too!
the boys took a few laps around the Haytona 500 track.  

and aj pushed gianna around a few times too.  
all the colella boys took a break because they were tired (get it..?)  
stuck like glue, i tell ya...

it was getting a little chilly on the hayride...
finally!  we made it to the patch.  the boys headed out to pick out their pumpkins. 
searching for the perfect one. 
gianna found the perfect gianna-sized pumpkin. 
i think roman found his!
oh yeah, this is the one!
...and gianna found another one!
but she still keeps searching...maybe there is another perfect pumpkin out here...
roman was so proud of his pumpkin pick...
even gage got a perfect little pumpkin.  such a cutie pie.  
who knows what they were talking about, but they talked the whole ride!
when we got back from the hayride, there was a pig race.  the kids found the perfect spot to watch.  
all the swine in a line...
AND they're off!
we think it was a tie between pinky and mean green.  who knows?  but those oinkers sure were fast!

we had a great time.  roman has been talking about it ever since.  i'm hoping that we make it an annual tradition to go with the kids.  they love it and it is sure is nice to head to the country once in a while.  

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