Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

most of the time, i love getting art from both the kids. but seriously, guys.  this "car" with gianna driving?  i mean, did they take baby's first mugshot?  it looks like she just woke up, no barrette in her hair, circles under her eyes...
ya'll know i love her with all my being, but this is a BAD picture, folks.  i'm sorry g, but this one isn't gonna make it to the fridge.  at least it was good for a laugh. 
one night after dinner, the kiddos got special cookies.  they ended up more fascinated with the fact that they had a hole in the middle. 
speaking of cookies, i made a pinterest recipe for lemon burst cookies.  um, seriously folks?  there were 21 cookies on friday night.  there were only 5 left on sunday night.  i'm the only one eating them.  bad news.  real bad.
roman has really hit his rainbow loom stride.  he can make a ton of different designs all by himself and even designed one himself called the "saturday surprise".  he will sit at the table for an hour or more and just crank them out!  
(p.s.  yes, i feed him.  i know he looks like a skeleton.  he just works off every calorie by running around playing soccer and football.  beast mode. )
on saturday, gianna was invited to her very first birthday party for a friend from daycare.  lucy is her best friend and although she has moved up to the next classroom, gianna will join her soon.  they just love each other.  so cute.  

they kept dragging the vacuums everywhere.  gianna is trying to get it inside the gate, here.  it took her about 5 minutes, but she finally did it. 
sorry for the bad pictures, girlfriend was moving!
gianna and lucy pushing the vacuums in sync. 
it took her a while to warm up to the ball pit/jumpolene, but once she was in it, she didn't want to get out. here she is with her friend, colton. 
these are the 3 girls that are always the first ones at daycare in the, gianna and anara.  pretty little things!
pizza lunch with lucy.
how cute are they?
saturday night, the kids got to eat dinner on the couch and watch a movie.  roman puts his plate in the little cubby and cranks up the lights.  too funny. 
on sunday after church, the kids got lollipops.  they are super crazy...see?
on sunday afternoon, roman had a party to go to for a school friend.  he was super excited to give shane his ironman mask.  boys and superheroes.  they go together like peanut butter and jelly.
toby wouldn't give up the tv on sunday afternoon, so the kids camped out in the playroom to watch disney.  i love this.  they are so happy together...
we experimented with the rainbow loom and made some new bracelets.  minion stuart and jack'o'lantern.  cool, huh?
roman is so thoughtful.  he wanted to make his soccer team bracelets in their team colors for their last game on tuesday night.  so we got to work on making them.  look how many he got done!
we were trying to make him laugh to get a "real" smile, but i ended up with a real closed eye laugh.  still love it. 
and then there's this. 
last night was his last soccer game.  it rained the whole time, but they played their little hearts out anyway and had a great time.  AND, they won!

they each got a cupcake with their number on it.  cool, huh?
this was the best team picture I could get.  these little boys were lots of fun to watch all season. 
a blue icing mustache and a new soccer trophy in the bright field lights.  that's my little guy!

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