Monday, October 14, 2013

Colella Family Happenings

ok, mish mash time again.  we have just been so busy these last few weeks and i haven't been real good about taking pictures, but i have a few, so let's take a look, mkay?

roman's soccer games are fun to watch, but gianna needs to be "pacified" so that she will sit down for at least a part of the game.  she wanted her "gasses" and a "loll lop".  i tried to put her "gasses" down, but she just pushed them back up like this.  what can i say?  she's got her own style.  
click on this picture to make it bigger.  you can zoom too.   check out roman's face.  he's no joke.  also check out the opposing teams' coach.  whistle in his mouth, on his cell phone.  nice.  they lost...
we facetime'd with the millers. lilah had her hand in her mouth, so gianna had to do it too.  and then, uncle josh did it too.  he's so mature.  
can you believe she has enough hair for this?  i've been waiting patiently!
i love it...two little french braids.  
i had to let her play with my coffee pitcher to get her to sit still. 
it's almost no shave november, so roman was practicing growing some stubble. 
i asked gianna to smile and this is what i got. 
girlfriend loves her crackers.  and headbands.  in love with headbands. 
ok, so this one is better. and isn't my boy the most handsome?  these kids make me gooey inside. 
the boys went for a run and we followed, but couldn't keep up, so we took a shortcut.  gianna saw them coming and got roman's water ready for him.  she was like "i see dey come".  it is so weird, she is basically talking in complete sentences.  
and then, she wanted to jog with them.  go ahead family, you run.  i'll stick with walking.  

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Krista said...

Adorable (and smart!) kids you've got there! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon (I mean, Christmas will be here before we know it right?!?!)!