Friday, May 3, 2013

The Beauty All Around Me

i've really come to realize that my life is such a blessing. everyday little things. messes in my house, they all mean that i'm blessed with two wonderful, fun little humans that make my life beautiful. and, i have a husband that LOVES to have fun and play and that makes life so fun too. he might not be the neat/clean freak that i am, but i guess that makes for a boring life, huh? oh well, i'd rather have a messy house and sticky floors than not to have those in my life that make those messes and those sticky my life.oh, and yes, there's guido too.  he's still adjusting to life with us, and we are getting used to him too.  what a clown!

bubbles on the front porch...this girl loves her bubbles!
see momma, i can do it myself!  but how come no bubbles come out?  and why do my lips taste like soap?
cruisin' through the 'hood on our cart
roman and poppa have a bedtime tradition of "touching the ceiling".  i just wanted to capture this before ro gets too big for poppa to lift up that high!
sunny days are so fun...let's get outside and enjoy them!
i don't think i've ever seen a brother and sister have this much love for each other.  i'm so grateful
toby and roman went to a ballgame last weekend and so guido and i got to hang out together.  he actually sat still enough for pictures.  that deserves a collage!  this is rare, folks.  he's a mover, not a cuddler. 
fun times at the park....wheeee!
little miss hollywood strutting her stuff on the playground
what should i play on next, momma?
balancing act
time to feed the ducks
...and the geese, apparently.
not sure why she wanted to flash the ducks, but hey, whatever floats your boat, baby!
momma and g have matching toenails...i love having a girl!
craziness at the doctor's office!
gianna's favorite book right now is "Jesus Loves Me" and i sing it instead of read it, which is probably why she loves it so much. she knows which one it is and always grabs it and brings it to me saying "gee-gah, gee-gah", which apparently means Jesus.

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