Monday, April 22, 2013

The Fun Never Stops

one evening when i got home from work (the kids had been home with poppa all day), roman had made a "surprise party" for me.  it included dinner in a fort and a picnic in a tent.  here we are in our tent having our picnic.  such a sweet, kind-hearted boy!

finally outside for some fresh air and the wind in her curls
 roman is having so much fun playing t-ball
gianna has figured out that using her hands is easier and faster than using a spoon.
 she makes this face ALL the time now.  i love it.  so funny
 roman's taekwondo school moved to a bigger space and it is really nice.  he tested for his green belt and did really well
 he even got to lead the class for the motto with mr. moore. 
 he got his green belt!!
i asked him to pose and make a mean face.  he said he didn't want to because he was happy he got his green belt.  so, happy first, then you better watch out because he can kick your butt!
these kiddos are too funny.  gianna has learned the word poopoo and says it quite often.  of course, when i try to get her to say it, she fails me!
 this night, roman made up his own superhero, mr. scratchman.  this was his costume.  i guess both my kiddos like to make the scrunch nose face.  
roman loves to hold his sister and asks to have his picture taken with her on his lap.  somehow this always happens.  maybe i should put her in a onesie... 
 on saturday, we were home by ourselves all day, so momma let them stay in pajamas and build forts and make messes everywhere.  it really was an awesome day!

gianna loves to rock on my legs...freeloader!
 there's that cute face again!
we went to the bounce house on sunday and boy'o'boy, did we have fun!

 she wanted to go up one more time!

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Krista said...

Absolutely adore the photos of Gianna scrunching her nose up! Too cute!