Saturday, May 11, 2013

18 months

is it really true? is she really 18 months old already? it seems like time has really flown by and our little babaloo is developing her own personality quite quickly. she keeps us all on our toes for sure. 

here's what she is up to these days: 

  • now that she can walk and run, she is mastering climbing.  on everything.  up on the couch and chairs, down from the bed.  up and down, up and down.  
  • her vocabulary is exploding.  she will consistently say at least one new word a day.  we are always asking each other..."did you know she could say ___?"  a few of her favorites are:  poppa uh roro (always together...because whenever you see poppa, you almost always see roro too), more (she also says this in sign language), peas (please...also rubs her belly for this too, which is sign language), pizza, luh you (love you), soose (juice), uppie (pick me up), book, beebee (binky), cookie and car. 
  • she loves for you to sing to her.  her favorites are "Jesus Loves Me" and "Babaloo".  so, she will say geegah (Jesus) or baba-oo.
  • she wrinkles up her nose a lot.  it's her favorite face to make. 
  • she knows that when i put a barrette or bow in her hair, i always say "pretty girl", so she will point at the hair accessories and say "bow...pittie".  
  • she will throw herself on the floor and have a fit many many times a day.  but, we always let her lay there and then ask her if she is done.  a lot of times, she will get up now and say "all done". 
  • she gives out a lot of hugs and kisses too.  she especially makes sure that roman gets a hug if he seems upset.  
  • along with the tantrums, she has started hitting a little bit too.  mostly, it is really soft and not so bad, but we don't like to let it go and encourage soft touches instead.  so, now she almost immediately will stroke your hair or arm and say sah-eee (sorry).  

 they each got their own bag of cookies!


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