Monday, May 20, 2013

Mom's Day to Boat Day

my mother's day was so great.  my family let me sleep in and then i came downstairs to a very eager to see me couple of kids.  roman was super excited to give me my presents.  some super adorable pictures of him playing tee ball and a gift card and of course, my favorite...twizzlers.  so thoughtful!

 the boys are getting the boat ready and gianna wants to be a part of it all
 the kids were playing in the sprinkler and somehow roman ended up with all this dirt in his ear.  i'm not even sure how that happened.  aren't you supposed to rinse off in the sprinkler?
she does everything he does!
 the two very best reasons i get to celebrate mother's day
 gianna just gnawing on a piece of chicken.  she didn't want her own piece that i cut up because it didn't have skin on it.  she wanted the fried piece!
 we are ready to be "roman the river"
 and again...another night spent getting the boat ready 
 roman was so excited to go on the boat, he used his life jacket in the bathtub!
 my kids play so well together.  roman loves to help his sister have fun
 finally!  we are headed to go on the boat.  pigtails and sunglasses, yes ma'am!
 the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair...gianna's first time on the boat!
 my skipper - the cutest one i've ever seen

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