Sunday, February 10, 2013

Unloading My Phone

random selection here, but you know how it goes...

little man got outfitted with the baseball necessities. not sure when baseball starts, but he'll be ready!
it was crazy hair day at school.  time for prayer.  so glad there was a knight in dull armor there.  i felt so protected.
this was his forest ranger uniform.  it's making me flash forward to his teen years.  headphones on, looking all grown up.  ugh...i can't handle it. 
this was the card he gave me at Muffins for Mom day at school.  i absolutely love it.  the house drawing has the three of us cuddling, with toby off to the side.  that's typical :)  he's very accurate. 
oh man, cookies warm from the oven.  yeah, baby!
this girl loves her rings.  has to have them on her arms to go to sleep.  typically i go in when i go to bed and remove them.  i leave them in her bed so she can get them in the morning if she wants (she does a lot of the time).  but this is how i found her the other night.  so funny.  
he's been in this room for a few years and this is the first time he's ever sat on the floor to read a book.  glad i left the pillows there.  i almost gave up that he would ever snuggle up down there. 
i love this.  he was holding her hand walking her into the house after his basketball game. 
her first ponytail of many. 
we went to a birthday party today and he made this fishbowl.  
just hanging out in her chair with her purse and her cell phone.  look out poppa, you are in trouble.  
our crazy boy...goofin off with my scarf
lounging on our new couch.  to be clear, this is still in the store, we just went back today to pay for it and we knew he would want to sit on it and recline.  see his hand on the button. just like his poppa, he's a sucker for anything with a power cord.  
gianna preferred the chair.
i love this face when she scrunches her nose up.
uh oh, we may have stayed too long!

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