Monday, February 11, 2013

15 Months

our little lady turns 15 months old today.  it's hard to imagine our lives without her.  she just adds so much fun and beauty to our home.  love you, babaloo!

here's what she's up to these days:

  • i think she weighs around 21-22 pounds.  we find out on friday at her appointment.  
  • she wears mostly 12-18 month or 18 month clothes, but a lot of times the pants are too long, so i think she's a shorty like her momma.
  • she is walking and almost running at times and she rarely ever falls.  she does lose her balance sometimes or she slips, but she is really good at it.  
  • her curls are really getting crazy in the back.  still kinda flat on top.  nice little mullet she's got going on. 
  • she's starting to say a few more words
    • outside - ah-siiiiiiiiigh
    • guido - eeeee, ooooo
    • please - okay so this isn't really verbal, but she rubs her belly.  who knows where that came from
    • muffins - muh muh (she's adopted her brother's morning mini-muffin habit)
    • more - muh
  • she loves to wear these stuffed rings on her arms almost all the time.  she's gotta have them at bedtime.  its kind of ridiculous.  
  • she will give hugs and kisses almost always when you ask for them.  very lovey and cuddly, just like roman.
  • she tries almost all foods.  if you have something that looks interesting to her, she wants it.  75% of the time she likes it.  just this week she tried and liked avocado, strawberries, wheat thin crisps (with a seasoning on them), oatmeal, pancakes and clementines.
she is a big goofball, she fits right in with the rest of us goofballs.  i love it.  just check out this crazy kid.

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