Monday, February 25, 2013

Blooms, Baths, Basketball, Baseball!

so, as i mentioned in the last post, i got some beautiful flowers from my boys for valentine's day.  well, then it was my birthday, and i got EVEN MORE!  check out all of these beautiful blooms!  i am one lucky lady for sure!
gianna has been loving bathtime lately, and she's been getting more of them (due to rubbing her breakfast, lunch and dinner in her hair).  she loves this princess crown, mostly because she loves hearing the velcro open and close.
this particular day, gianna had a fever, so i stripped her down to her diaper to let her cool off.  she loved the way the applesauce felt in her fingers and on her belly (and chin).  did i mention more baths?
  roman had his last basketball game of the season on saturday.  i'm not sure if he made any baskets or not, but i know he was really focused on passing the ball to his friends carson and caleb to make sure that they got a chance to make a basket.  i'm really proud of him and how he cares about others.  of course, he has his selfish moments, but he truly does love to see others succeed too.  it's really sweet. 

and, of course, gianna adores her older brother and wants to be just like him.  so, she was wearing his jersey around the house while he was at church on sunday morning.  too cute.
it had been raining a lot last week and all day saturday, so we took advantage of the sunny sunday weather and went down to the ball fields to get a little pre-season t-ball practice in with roman's friend, carson.  

gianna loved wearing roman's gloves while he was out fielding some balls.
that's my boy!  he was hitting off the tee this particular time, but they also did some hitting without it.  he did pretty good!

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Krista said...

Holy cow, they both look like they've grown so much since Christmas! Also... I would like a princess crown for when I bathe, Gianna is a genius!