Saturday, February 16, 2013

A LOVEly Week

we had a pretty darn good week around here.  i cannot complain.  

gianna had a little episode on tuesday night though.  i think she got choked up while coughing and her dinner came up, but we weren't certain it wasn't a virus, so i stayed home with her on wednesday.  i had some errands to run, though, so while i was getting ready, i propped her up on her boppy (haven't used that in a while) and she was in heaven.  she just went limp and watched cartoons while i did my makeup and hair.  she really didn't want to move when i was done.  

she is really starting to talk more and say different words

and her teachers have been telling me that she's been feeding herself her yogurt, so we figured we would try it at home too.
i was super excited to put out all of their valentine's goodies that night.  gianna got a purple hippo, some ribbon and a love bug with a new hairbrush.  her valentine's mailbox had a valentine from momma and poppa and some yogurt covered raisins.
roman got a love bug with a mustache sandwich cutter, a gift card to target and a mini cow pillow pet that he has appropriately named "moo-moo".  his valentine mailbox had a valentine from momma and poppa and a few chocolate peanut butter hearts.
he was super happy with his gift card
and the candy hearts that were hidden in his love bug
she was happy too, but i think it was mostly because she had a chocolate chip muffin
but, she did do a little primping for the boys at school with her new hairbrush
roman also had snow day at school on valentine's day because it was re-scheduled from tuesday, which was pouring down rain.  he was super excited to throw some snowballs, especially at his teacher.  it was a really cool day for them.  after the snow, they got to change into their pajamas and be "snowed-in" for the day.  they got to drink hot chocolate and read books for most of the day.  sounds like my kind of day. 
i was feeling the love at work too.  toby sent me flowers and chocolate covered strawberries.
and my little sweetheart boy brought me flowers.  i absolutely love them and he was so proud to give them to me.  he's gonna make some girl a very lucky lady someday FAR in the future.  
roman had no school on friday, so toby stayed home with him.  it was also gianna's 15 month checkup, so the boys took her.  roman was really sweet and gave her his camo hat to wear and his love bug (buzz buzz) to hold on to because he said she was sad.  
today, we went to the park to meet up with mady and ella to play.  all of a sudden, the sun went in and the wind picked up and it got COLD! so, we came home and played here.  the kids had lunch, in the shape of mustaches thanks to roman's new sandwich cutter.  they thought that was super fun.  
roman gave ella a teddy bear for valentine's day.  
and for his best girl, mady, he got her some flowers and a teddy bear.  here he was whispering in her ear "happy valentine's day".  so super cute.  
he was showing her how to play games on his innotab.  

it was a just LOVEly week around here!

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Beard said...

Laughed at the top photo of her chillin' on the boppy. Let out her pants a little for belly room, recline back and looks like me after stuffing the face.

Kids and mustaches these days, what's the deal?