Sunday, January 24, 2010


please forgive me. it's been a few days, okay, a week, since i've thrown up some pics of the golden child. this past week has been a rough one...after ro got sick, i got sick and then after that was over, we all woke up with raging head colds. roman and i have had the worst of it with the coughing but if you ask toby, he would say he has had the worst...having to hear me cough all night. i have to say that my main goal this weekend was to clean the heck out of my house, to clear out all the germs and unfortunately, that didn't quite happen. i've made a dent, but i'm sure i won't finish until later this week sometime. oh well. rest is more important. which is why i'm about to hit the hay ya'll....

sitting with his handy manny tool box

squeeze!! turner!!

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Anonymous said...

How cute! Ty loves Handy Manny too. But, he only has the bath toys. I wanted to get the toolbox, but was sold out around Christmas.
- Shannon