Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas, Finally

warning! if you don't have about an hour to look at all my photos, read no further! seriously, how many pictures can i add? i swear this is only a small sampling of the pictures i took over the holidays, but these are my favorites and capture our trip up north pretty well, i think. to explain my absence from blogland, we left for DE last tuesday and we got back about 8pm on sunday night. the drive up wasn't bad, only long. we have the best little traveler. he never cried, never complained, we didn't even have to bring out the dvd player! he was starting with a little cough and we kept asking if he was okay and if he was gonna make the end of the trip, he would just answer us like this..."momma, just coffee (coughing), gon' mate it." too stinkin' cute. he ended up going to the dr. on christmas eve and having a sinus infection, so i felt really bad for him, but he seemed to have a great time despite the fever and nasty cough. such a trooper. toby and i got to go to midnight mass on christmas eve/morning and for my first time, i really enjoyed it despite yawning through it and it being about 19 degrees when we left there at 1:30am. we were able to see almost all of our family and to me that was the most important part. we missed most of the festivities last year and that really made me realize how much i enjoy all the traditions of the season. enjoy my recap below....and happy new year!

a dvd from poppop, kelli & alex

a 4 wheeler too! shoot it!
making a withdrawal from the atm
another present for me?
grandpa and the littles
macee liked her sweatshirt
hey silly boy
hey silly girl
dreaming of sugarplums
ooh, fun stuff in the stocking from mimi
the wheels on the bus
santa brought him a helmet
and a slinky
he wants to wear it all day

maddy, macee, ry & ro
pointing at santa on mimi's deck
my handsome nephew, cj
music is in his genes
rocking out with uncle jay
hey handsome
crazy family
immediate crazy family
colleen & josh
uncles dale, gene & dean, mom, mommom & aunt joyce
how cute is he?
he loves to read a book
and any kind of horse
nice doggie
mom's pretty tree
it still feels like
camilla & cj
snuggie for the dog?
dad & roman
again, with a book
mom is super talented
mom and roman watching the horses from the window
i think the snuggie made him crazy
so excited for presents, he's getting the hang of it now
early birthday presents for josh
the duke handsome
mommom, josh and mom
what's in there mommom?
oh wow...a pony
feeding oreo a carrot
not real sure about oreo, won't get too close
got this bag for pretty much says it all
this little guy was my favorite. he was just so cute
i hope all of you enjoyed your family over the holidays. best wishes for the new year!

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