Friday, January 8, 2010


we have been having lots and lots of fun playing with ALL of the new toys that roman received for christmas. each night, it seems like we have a new favorite. last night, it was oreo, the "fur real" horse. roman has really been playing independently and imaginatively lately and so when i heard him telling oreo "i sorry oreo" and then giving him a kiss...i just wonder what it was that he did to make him have to apologize? however, the funniest part was when he wanted oreo to "shoot it" know, play basketball. he tried really hard to pick up oreo's hoof so that he could "shoot it". unfortunately, oreo has 4 left feet and isn't coordinated enough to play basketball. kinda like someone else i know. ah hem... that would be me.

here he is taking a ride

and then feeding him a carrot
and brushing him and giving him a hug *disclaimer* yes, i have him in his christmas pajamas. he will wear them until he grows out of them. even if it is in june! pajamas that fit are pajamas that fit, regardless of whether they are red and green and adorned with a reindeer. *end of disclaimer*


this was tonight. he wanted to watch santa and the reindeer, i.e. prep & landing. he was really good and ate all his dinner, so he was allowed to have candy...a christmas ring pop. can you say mesmerized?

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