Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Decade So Far

my laziness has finally given way to productivity. sadly, the decorations came down today. even though they weren't up long enough, it was definitely nagging at me and i finally just dove right in. i was even able to clean downstairs...mostly anyway....and check me sheets got changed too! woo hoo. i know...a new year's miracle. i have also been trying to play around with our new camera so this post is a little picture heavy too. i just realized it's sunday and it's back to work tomorrow, but i also was able to get the decorations down there too on friday, so at least i'm not walking into another big project. gotta love that. here's my new year/decade so far...

once in a "blue" moon...nye was spent going to bed early, then being woke up at midnight by fireworks being set off directly outside our house and some children screaming and hollering. welcome to 2010!

one more gaze at my beautiful tree...i just love sitting in a dark room with only the twinkly lights on

using the 20x zoom on the camera. i love ro's 1st christmas ornament
for some reason, even though his name is written in tacky gold glitter glue, this is still the cutest little doggie stocking and i always hang it low so he can check it out, :)

trying out his new scooter

safety first, always wear your helmet oh how i love those eyes... roman and "boody" watching toy story together (it's so funny how he looks at the movie then looks down and realizes that he has woody right next to him...he can't quite figure out how that's possible) isn't that a funny face? cheese!

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