Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Fest '09

it all started 2 years ago.
we had recently moved here and were near family again.
any excuse to have them over and eat would do.
and so pumpkin fest was born.
we are on our 3rd one now and it has only gotten better.

the premise: we provide the food and the tools to carve/paint a pumpkin,
you bring the pumpkins. fun, huh? we think so....

this year we had chicken n dumplings (oh so yummy) and cold veggie pizza (my favorite). we also decided that painting some of the pumpkins would be a good idea for two reasons,

1. the kids aren't so great with knives, and
2. unfortunately it is still hot here in October and our
pumpkins rot in about a day if you carve them...bummer :(
here are some pictures from pumpkin fest '09!!

rylee, brooke & brayden

rylee & roman
missi & ro

brooke & christina jax & ashley (what a face!) roman & macee playing
mac, scott & missi eating chicken n dumplings....mmmmm, yum

roman painting his punkin (i really didn't help, only held the pumpkin for him)

ro & momma

rylee, brooke & reese painting their punkins

macee painting her very large punkin

scott getting to work with the cutco knife

look, i still have all my fingers

smiley brayden

hala & roman

yummy caramel apples....

our family of punkins...toby chose to go "au natural" with his...

roman had a great time this year, it really was the first year that he got to are a few pics of him from the first two...

last year - pumpkin fest '08
his very first pumpkin fest ('07)

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