Monday, October 19, 2009

HiHo, HiHo, To Delaware We Go

to explain my brief vacation from blogging...i was super busy last week preparing for our mini-vacation to delaware. toby's good friend mike was getting married in philly and so we took advantage of that and booked a few nights at casa de mommom and casa de mimi. here's some highlights...

coloring in the car

making a sword out of the markers is much more fun

and he's out

giving mommom a sticker

checking out his new light up punkin wand

mommom's toybox is full of goodies but the horse was his favorite
ro found this little stool and walked around holding it to his rear end everywhere he went, until he felt the need to sit down. he was very proud of his new discovery.

then, up to mimi's...she had lots of multicolored punkins, but purple was a favorite

he found a chair just his size

mimi and aunt maddy helped him color

roman got to do lots of other fun stuff with mimi, popo and aunt maddy but toby and i went to a wedding with the camera, so we don't have any pictures of that :( they went to maddy's swim meet and then got to go visit grandpa and eat pizza and french fries. they also had a campout in the living room, even popo slept out there with them! he had a great time with everyone.
believe it or not, we actually saw the sun on the drive home, so the sunglasses came out...along with the dvd player. what a treat that is in the car on a long ride...for momma and poppa, i mean
man, it sure is a tough life this kid leads, right? kicked back, watchin some backyardigans, sippin on a juice box. does life get any better?
well, to sum up our, food, friends and fun. we sure had a great time and hope to do it again soon!

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coach22ball said...

mimi, mom mom, popo, what happened to pop pop? he loves you guys too