Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do you think he'll have cavities?

the fire department visited ro's daycare on friday. they gave them all firehats and lollipops. of course, the teacher said that ro was scared of the fire truck.

he was not scared, however, of the lollipop. roman is now obsessed with looking at pictures and videos on the camera after i take them, so you can hear him saying "picture", meaning he wants to see himself...

it's much easier to wear the fire hat backwards when you are lounging on the couch.
look what you started aunt hettie! he is now obsessed with these cookies.

by the looks of his face, it looks like the cookie is orange, but i promise it is because i fed him spaghetti before the cookie. see, i didn't just feed him sugar all weekend! and i promise i brushed his teeth too...

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