Sunday, October 25, 2009

City of Love

okay, so i'm a little late posting this, but hey, i'm doing it now, so back off, alright? ok, so maybe i'm the only one upset here....

toby and i went to a wedding last weekend for his old buddy mike and his new bride christie. i have known mike as long as toby and i have been dating since they lived together at the time, but i've only met christie a couple of times. however, i am glad that they found each other because they certainly seem like a perfect match. here are a few shots of our evening. and please forgive the fact that my camera didn't take such great shots, it was a dark and gloomy day and i didn't get many good pics.
don't forget, we were in phillie country...
the new mr. & mrs

toby starting to feel his groove

toby dancing with his friend's mom

mike, coming up from a split...yes, he did a split...

jeff, not sure what he was doing

hey, there's me, i danced a lot too

a little late in the evening, can you tell?

we had lots of fun! congrats mike and christie!!!

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