Saturday, June 3, 2017

SGGCS Carnival

for saint gregory's 10 year anniversary, the school put on a carnival for the kids and i was able to attend. i don't normally get to attend many school functions, so i was happy to be able to be there all day.  

they started with a trip through the candy forest...

someone must have found his favorite candy..

there was face painting and free sno-cones.  what more could you ask for?

this ride was a favorite of all the kids, even if "2 kids barfed"!!  that is all i heard about for 2 days, haha.

i will stick with the slower paced swing ride, if you don't mind. 

purple dreaded rapunzel?

this was the Pre-K booth with all our little Pre-K friends. 

such a fun day!  

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