Friday, June 16, 2017

Final 9U Tourney

so, travel season is done for 2017, and here are some pics from our final 9U tournament.  we played in walterboro for 2 days and it was hot!!

it's hard to keep the boys settled down and chill in between games, but we try. 

they just plop themselves in the sun and watch the game that is going on before their next game.  trying to figure out who they are gonna play and where the weaknesses are.  such strategists. 

i don't know how they do it, but wearing the catcher's gear in that heat has got to be tough!  my #8 never complains, though.

and sister is great too.  she doesn't complain (too much) and keeps herself busy with toys, friends, the concession stand and her iPad. 

and sometimes, she steals my chair...little stinker!

they made it to the championship game and came up a little short.  second place ain't too shabby and these boys are all smiles!

high fives from coach/dad.

looks like we tuckered her completely out!

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