Monday, June 5, 2017

Baseball for Both

this baseball season has been different because gianna has been playing too.  her games were always on saturday mornings, so we have missed a lot of roman's first games on tournament days, but that is okay.  gianna loved to play and she was sad that this was her last game.  but, also happy that she was going to get a trophy.  i'm so proud of how far she has come this season.  she can hit really well (her goal is always to hit it past the coach) and she can field and throw better than the beginning of the season.  she was willing to play any position, even catcher.  i hope her love for the game grows, just like roman's did.  


she loved her coaches!

this was her cheering section for her last game.  i am so grateful for our friends and family that always show their support. 

later that day, we headed to charleston to watch roman and his team in a tournament.   gianna and molly always have a good time on the sidelines. 

roman got a walk off to win their second game of the day. 

and then, it was time to hang with his friends and have a quick meeting with the coach. 

next day...time to fuel up for games 3 and 4. 

we are ready to cheer!

i think this is cheering?

they won game 3 and went to the championship game, but lost that 2nd place will do!  the boys had a great time and played well. 

and that, my friends, is what a "normal" weekend looks like for us! 

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