Thursday, April 20, 2017

Here we go!

it's that time of year season!

i figured i would freshen up the wreath this year since both roman and gianna are playing baseball, we are basically living at the fields and showering at the house. 

gianna is on a coach pitch team this year and is really enjoying it so far. 

roman and his buddies are at it again, but this year, they are in the kid pitch league, so they are all trying their hand at pitching...and catching too. 

this is roman's rec team, the destructors!

for his first game of the season, his girl mady was playing softball on the field next to his at the same time!  she's quite the little ball player and we love seeing her at the fields!

gianna got to try a little catching too. 

but mostly, she loves playing on the team with her classmate, kalyn.  and for the snacks.  duh. 

gianna's team is called the sharks.

watch me swing, mom!

even aunt maddy and mimi got to see one of her games when they were down visiting!

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