Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fun Little Saturday

a couple of weeks ago, i had to go in to work on a saturday for a few hours, so i took gianna with me.  she was excited to go and she was great.  she entertained herself and was really happy to walk down the hallway and grab some strawberries. 

then, we went over to the spa to pick something up and she got her nails painted by miss krista.  so fun!

that afternoon, we headed to the the taste of bluffton festival and the kids showed off their hula hoop skills. 

we saw jackson at the golf cart display

and we met up with jake too.  he even got to come back to our house to spend the night!

archer and anderson came over too and we officially had a full house!

gianna was  bummed that we didn't find the face painting booth at the festival, so we tried to do it at home. 

i think she liked it...😀

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