Saturday, April 22, 2017

Closet Makeover

for such a tiny girl, gianna sure does have a lot of stuff!  and her closet has been bugging me for a while now.  it's super small and she's got a lot crammed in there.  so, one night when the boys were away, i put her to bed in my room and got to work!

this is what it looked like before.  her hamper is crammed in to the left and her suitcase was behind it.  her hanging organizer had been up since she came home from the hospital (thanks mom!) and it was starting to rip at the seams.  she had two bins of off season clothes and other random things on the right hand side and a couple fabric bins on top of those.  then, her uniforms and dresses and jackets are all hanging on the bar on either side of the organizer.  on the top shelf, she has sleeping bags and our pool bag and her christmas tree and decorations...etc.  see what i mean?  crammed!

so, i emptied it all out!

ahhh, empty. 

i started to build shelves for each side, but wanted the first shelf to be high enough for her hamper to fit underneath. 

on the left side, i only built two shelves, but they each got a bar under for hanging items. 

and the right side got 4 shelves. 

we picked up a new hanging organizer because it was really working well for her before.  it makes it easy for her to pick out her clothes because she can see them, they aren't hidden in drawers. 

much better now!

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