Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yard Sale!!

every time i hear someone say yard sale, in my head i hear it like this guy we knew in Ohio would say it when you fell skiing. your skis and poles would be all over the mountain and he would yell, YARD SALE!!!

anyhoo, enough of that.

we (and by we, i mean i) decided to have a yard sale (and everyone else didn't have a choice in the matter).

toys, household stuff, clothes...they were starting to take over. normally, i donate. on a very frequent basis. but as i started to collect things, the piles didn't end and i knew that the "stuff" was decent. so, ahem...YARD SALE!!!
the kids were great about gathering items (with some guidance) and i told roman he could have a lemonade stand and keep the money he made. he was in!
so, we recruited another family to join our sale and marketed it as a multi-family sale. i think we marketed a little too agressively because as i was in the yard at 6:45 setting up for an 8am start time, we had our first customers. i mean, we didn't have everything out yet and our friends weren't even there yet. so ridiculous. but, it went well, nobody got into a fight over the legos and kitchenaid mixer (mainly because the same lady bought them both and literally left out my back door so no one would see her), and we both had minimal donations at the end of the day. win win!
also, there was a time where the yard was so full of people, i just looked at toby with a look of panic on my face. it was insane! i wish we had a picture of that!
and the kids had a blast at the lemonade stand and made some money too. look at how handsome these salesmen are!
my favorite sales tactic was gianna's though. the boys were on their "lunch break" inside playing video games and gianna was running the stand, a.k.a. pouring lemonade over and over and giving it to us. thenshe poured a glass and just walked up to a man at the sale and gave it to him. i mean, he had to pay her for it, right? dear me, she is a sales lady just like her poppa!

so proud of his first lemonade stand. he made $46 dollars and gave some of it to his employees.

and this pile is finally gone from the corner of our dining area. toby posted this picture on facebook 2 weeks before the sale, saying that he was concerned that i was prepared 2 weeks in advance! i like to call that preparedness.


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