Monday, July 13, 2015


it's summer. so, there hasn't been too much going on. which i like.
we went to the pool one night after dinner. the water was warm (really warm), but the kids had fun, and so did i!

it started to rain one night while we were on the front porch, so gianna asked if she could catch it in her mouth.

this boy and his dog...

toby and i were going through some stuff in the garage, so the kids set up their own "picnic" in the yard. i heard lots of giggles and came over to find this...

such silly siblings!

we got a new (to us) rug and re-arranged the living room furniture.

we built this shallow shelf to hold all of our pictures.

we built this hat rack for roman's room.

the kids have a chore chart that they have been sticking to all summer. they have the opportunity to earn extra money by doing "extra" chores like vacuuming. i'm simultaneously excited and depressed that roman vacuums better than me.

we painted gianna's nails and toes for the fourth of july.

too bad we didn't get to see fireworks (it was storming with lightning off and on and we didn't risk it), but we did light up some sparklers. i'm sorry i don't have a picture of ro with his...a spark jumped back on his hand and burned him, so i didn't think that was a good photo op.


roman has been working out and gaining a lot of strength. that kettlebell weighs 70lbs! that's more than he weighs.

who orders fruit loops at cracker barrel? this guy!

love the concentration lip biting.

sherriff G cuffing her perp.


this picture cracks me up. she was watching a show on the iPad while taking a bath. but she likes to lay down, so this is all i see when i look down the hallway at her.


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