Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's Miller Time!

school is out and that means it's time to head north and visit our family!!!

first up was a stop at mommom's house. uncle josh, aunt colleen, lilah and ady were already there waiting for us! it was nice to get out of the car after being on the road all day, but the kids quickly were in their pajamas, relaxing.


the next day, we were headed to nana's house for a party. but, before we left, look who we found in the pantry with an apple! sneaky little thing!


these girls are so much fun to watch together.

next up...we head to nana's farm. the girls love to ride on the golf cart around the driveway with nana.

aunt jen and krista planned an awesome party for uncle gene, who retired from the sherriff's department after 41 (!!!) years. they set up this cute little picture area where you could use props and take your own mugshot. love this!

uncle josh took roman out on the lake for a pedal boat ride...crazy boys!

and even though the slide was there last year, it wasn't installed yet, so this year was our first time being able to use it. and boy, oh boy, did roman use it. he probably went down it 25 or 30 times!

sorry for taking the picture while you are looking into the sun, kids! mom fail.

kids are dried off, time for our mugshot!

a few months ago was siblings day and i had a hard time finding a picture of jay, josh and i all together. the only one i found was from my college graduation. in 1999. time to get an updated one, dontcha think?

love these handsome brothers of mine, i sure do!

and guess what else? that one in the middle, he turned forty the day after this was taken. i guess that means i'm not far behind him...uh oh!

our time together was short, but we sure did enjoy seeing our family!


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