Friday, March 7, 2014

Yard Sale King

after we cleaned out the playroom, got new floors and loaded the toys back into the "new" playroom, we still had lots of toys in the garage that we needed to get rid of. in exchange for paring down his toys, i promised roman that we could have a yard sale and he could keep the profits. most of the items were his. a few were gianna's and a couple were ours, but i wanted to make this offer enticing.

to my surprise, he was pumped. in fact, he said ... "i want to give my money to the poor so that they can have a warm home and good food to eat like us". okay, now that you've wiped your eyes, can i get an amen? how in the world did i deserve this sweet, giving soul named roman?

saturday was our sale. we had a pretty good team. roman and gianna, cuddling for warmth. it got a little chilly on saturday morning. and miss allie! what a sweet surprise visit we had from her. she spent the night on friday night and helped us with our yard sale. and she went and got me starbucks. love her. and not just because of the starbucks. but yeah, that too.

we started at 7am and by 10:30, most of it was gone!

and here is our proud little yard sale king, with his letter and loot.

to translate: "Dear Sister Canice (previous principal at his school, who now works with the poor), I had a yard sale to sell some of my toys. I made $167.25. I want to give this to the poor. Love, Roman Colella"

during the yard sale, i told roman how proud i was of him. how most kids would not be okay with getting rid of their toys. he looked at me and said..."i'm pretty proud of myself too".

he should be. he shows me everyday the true kindness that he has in his heart. i adore this little boy.



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