Monday, March 3, 2014


gianna is at a really fun age right now and she cracks us up daily. i'm not really sure how she comes up with this stuff sometimes, but she keeps us laughing. here are some things i'm writing down so i don't forget later...

  • she has a pair of pajamas that her nana sent her (thanks nana!) that have horses on them.  but she doesn't think they are horses.  she thinks they are unicorns.  but instead of saying unicorn, she says "neocorn".  so, thanks nana for the neocorn pajamas!
  • our friend gave her a book called pajama time.  you may have seen a video that i posted of her "reading" it.  well, one of her favorite parts is where they say "they might be stripey, or polka dot, but we can all pajammy in whatever we've got".  so, she is obsessed with polka dots.  polka dot pajamas or clothes or whatever.  except, she doesn't call them polka dot...she says "popo got".  here she is in her popo got pajamas and popo got vest (also, from that very same friend!)
  • and yesterday we were headed home from an errand and she kept saying "i'm gonna be the first on the wiggle car" because she and roman like to fight over it now.  so, toby said, "gianna gets it first, then roman".  then she said "i'm gonna watch tv".  toby said, "i thought you were gonna ride the wiggle car?"  she says "oh yeah".  toby says "you're a mess!".  gianna replied "no, i'm not, i'm all clean!"  i mean, is she nutty or what?
  • we are slowly starting to potty train her and so, every time we take off her diaper, she asks "i poop on the ground?"  and of course, we say "NO, you poop in the potty".  we don't really know where she got that from, but i think it is because one time, she accidentally peed on the carpet and toby said "you don't pee and poop on the ground, you go in the potty".  i guess she just needs the confirmation each time now...?
  • she loves to sing and of course, her older brother is listening to his favorites on his ipad, so they become her favorites too.  so, when one of them comes on the radio, like katy perry's dark horse, she says "i love this song...louder!"
  • she keeps telling me that i am her "best friend.  it totally melts my heart.  i hope she still feels that way in 10 years!

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