Saturday, March 22, 2014

Grandpa & Grandma {x2}

my uncle posted this picture on facebook last week. it is my father's parents and his siblings (there are actually two more that aren't pictured that were adopted, possibly after this picture was taken, i'm not sure). my dad is the dark haired fella in the front. second to youngest. the funny thing is, my grandmother looked the same as a young woman as she did an older woman. my grandfather changed a little bit, in my opinion. anyway, i had never seen this picture before, but it is really cool, i think. especially since my dad was coming to visit the weekend after i saw this.

grandpa and grandma arrived on saturday, in time for the boys to head out to baseball practice. the girls stayed home to rest. we went out to dinner and then headed to the park...sorry no pictures of that...

on sunday, we went to church and then went to ihop. these kiddos were good in church, so they earned a ringpop. of course, they always pick the most offensive colors!

roman and grandpa were deadlocked in an intense game of tic tac toe.

oooohhhh, grandpa finally makes a move!


gianna climbed over to get in the picture too!

and i love the side-eye...

thanks for coming to visit us grandpa and grandma!!!


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